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Parent and Child Boot Camp Fitness


We have developed these Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camp classes as a way of bringing fitness to the whole family. Children look up to and follow in their parents foot steps in a lot of things in their life and fitness is no different. I personally can't think of a better way to educate and inspire children to the benefits of exercise and healthy living. There have been many studies all over the world and the findings are always that children with active parents, who set a good example, have more active children.

I have structured the sessions in a way that the classes can cater for children from 4 years plus.

There are hundreds of benefits to having active children but below are just a few of the proven ones:
Increased alertness
Improved sleep patterns
Less risk of obesity
More likely to keep active later in life (leads to even more health benefits as we get older)
Better concentration in school 

This is a clip of a trial session we did just for some children at Hemdean House School...

So that’s the child’s benefits but don’t think we have forgotten about the adults too. Oh no, you won't be at this class to stand around, remember you are here to set an example!

These Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camp classes will challenge the adults as well as the children.  All of the classes will have similar format in that we will all warm up together, there will be some partner/family interaction games and then there will be a main session focusing on whole body exercises using body weight, each other, weights and various other pieces of equipment.

We will always start at Hemdean House School using either the hall, the fields or sometimes we may venture over the road to Balmore Park.

Expect each session to be, fun, energising, informative and beneficial to all levels of fitness.

Hopefully by the end of the sessions parents and children will have achieved the following:

Completed a great fitness workout
Interacted together as a family
Had lots of fun together
Learned something that you take home and practise
Embedded a little bit more in your child’s thought process about health and exercise

Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camps:
: Hemdean House School, Caversham
When: Saturday mornings 09:30am
How much: 6 weeks £36.00 for up to one adult and 2 children.  Additional family members can be added and paid on the day at £2.50 per adult and £1.00 per child.
PAYG option is £8.00 per Parent and child.
What to do next: Sign up online using the links to the right or email your intention to PAYG.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our Parent and Child Fitness Boot Camps.,