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Boxing...What Is It?

Don’t think that we’ll be putting you in the ring to do 10 rounds with David Haye! Boxing for fitness has become one of the most popular fitness regimes out there and with some tuition it is suitable for all fitness levels, ages and abilities. Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. When we’re not throwing punches, we will be ducking and weaving, or doing some body weight exercises such as squats and burpees.

Boxing with Progressive Fitness

We run regular one-off workshops where we teach you how to punch properly and how to hold the pads properly. This is important so that you avoid injury and this must be taught by a qualified instructor.  These workshops are 2 hours long and once you have learned the main moves (jabs, hooks, upper-cuts), we will progress to more complex combinations and add in new punches. 

Look out for our Extreme Boxing Boot Camps too- January 2012 saw the first of our week long intensive boxing boot camps. Using boxing moves as the core of the daily workouts, we keep the week interesting by building in competitions, team work, body weight routines, and some great stretch sessions. Additionally, in each of our 6 week Fitness Boot Camps it is likely that we’ll include a boxing session.

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Speak to us if you would like us to programme a 6 week boxing boot camp for your team or work colleagues. Or for information on our personal training boxing programme. We can give your personal training a direct focus to boxing, along with any personal goals you have we can tailor boxing orintated goals for you.

What can you expect from Boxing Training?

• weight loss

• increased agility and coordination

• improved technical ability

• more muscle tone

• greater fitness levels

James Parker has a boxing coaching qualification with Outbox who are a nationally recognised standard for boxing education and training techniques within the UK. Outbox is run by Adam Booth and David Haye, and accredited by the British Boxing Board of Control.

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