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Client testimonials

Paul wrote: 

Hi James 
Just a note of thanks. I have followed your nutrition plan, which took a bit of willpower, but within two months I had lost over two stone. Undertaking your fortnightly fitness sessions at Reading Rugby Club I started to improve my fitness combining this with sessions in the gym. To keep me motivated i set a goal to take part in the Reebok Spartan Race 5K at the end of August, which I completed with a great sense of personal achievement.

Thanks once again and good luck with your new venture.

Cheers Paul


With this in mind, I decided to join the local gym, however after about 4 weeks of exercise and diet my weight was not going down and I was starting to feel low and wanted to give up. 

On some of my visits to the gym, I notice some members were receiving one to one help and I decided to approach James and he initially gave me his business card.

I contacted James and we arranged an initial meeting and he asked me why I needed to see a Personal Trainer. James explained how he could help me to achieve my goals in losing weight and improve my fitness. 

I decided to give it a go and booked a course of fitness sessions. 

James designed a fitness program and gave me good advice on what to eat and what not to eat and set me achievable goals to fulfil.

The secessions were always variable and James always should me encouragement and support to help me achieve my goals. Over the coming weeks my weight was falling off and my overall fitness was improving.

In short over the last two years, I have lost 6 stone and my blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol are all normal and I am not on any form of medication. I now feel a lot better in myself and I no longer have a complex of people staring at me due to my weight. I am even happy now to take my top off at the beach.

I owe James a lot of thanks and I still continue to see James once every two weeks to make sure I keep on track and do not fall back into my old ways.

If anybody wants to speak to me please ask James for my number. 

Ian Wiltshire


Victoria Green from Reading wrote:

"James does a great job at keeping the workouts varied and interesting…every week we do something different and I never get bored of the sessions. I actively look forward to and enjoy our training sessions and also benefit greatly from the nutrition information James shares. Since working together I have completed the London marathon, lost half a stone and my knowledge on nutrition has increased greatly. James gives manageable homework to fit your schedule I even managed to exercise whilst on holiday so I didn’t put all my hard work to waste."  Victoria Green

Pam Warren from Pangbourne wrote:

"James is an excellent trainer. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient  and supportive he gives you help and encouragement to move from one level of fitness to another. He quickly adapts his training sessions when injury or medical issues arise which is a real plus for me.  And there's none of that ridiculous pumping or bullying approach to exercise, it's fun and relaxing and you learn something new at every session. I heartily recommend him."

Pam Warren - Pangbourne

Jo Jackson from Newbury, Berkshire wrote:

Jo's before and after pics
Weight loss from having a Personal Trainer in Reading

"In January 2011, I was horrified to discover that I was 3 stones overweight with a BMI of nearly 32. The weight has been creeping on over the last 5 years and as I worked from home, I spent long hours in front of a pc. Not great and as I was approaching my 40th birthday, I decided to start a weight loss programme. I lost a stone, but hit a plateau and struggled to lose any more despite following my diet plan. So decided to enlist some professional help. I started training with James mid September 2011 and at our our first consultation, I discovered my Metabolic age was the same as a 70 year olds ! No wonder the weight wouldn't come off and this was mainly down to my sedentary lifestye. I discussed my goals with James - lose at least another stone and improve my fitness dramatically - both things that he assured me he could help with. From the very first session, he pushed me hard but with an encouragement and enthusiasim that was infectious. The workouts were always varied, using kettlebells, dumbells, sandbags, resistance bands, even a 10m rope (you'll be amazed how exhausting throwing that around is !). After 4 weeks, we had a weigh in and measure - I had lost weight (5 lbs), increased my muscle mass and knocked 6 years off my Metabolic age. It was working.... I also wanted to start running to increase my fitness. After a disasterous first attempt where I collapsed in a heap after 200m, James encouraged me to increase my distance slowly and advised on my technique (I was starting off too quickly)  and my breathing. After 6 weeks, I could run 5k without stopping and after 14 weeks,was regularly running 8-9k in preparation for my first 10k race....could not have have achieved this without James' help and training techniques.

After 4 months training with James, I am fitter, slimmer and far more toned that I have ever been. I have lost 15 cms from my waist, 10cm from my hips, 10cms from my chest & back, 18 lbs off my weight (32 lbs in total since Jan 2011), and can run 10k in just over an hour (a work in progress). My BMI is now a far healthier 26 and still falling .I wouldn't hesitate to recommend James as Personal Trainer. He will push you further than you thought possible, but does so with a genuine enthusiam in wanting to see you suceed. I will definately be using him in the future to keep me on track ! "


Andrea from Reading, Berkshire wrote:

"I want to pass on my thanks for all of your support, motivation and expertise.  There is no doubt in my mind that without the varied workouts we do in boot camp and the personal training you have provided that I would not have been as successful in my goal to shed the pounds - all 28 of them!  The big improvment in my fitness has just been an added bonus.  It has been a hard slog but so worth it.  Joining up to Progressive Fitness is definately one of my better decisions in life!"


Rob from Reading wrote:

"I started personal training with James as a way to gain weight and improve my strength and fitness levels, which to be honest were pretty poor!  Straight away James said he would be able to help me achieve what I wanted and I started training with him in the gym lifting weights twice a week.  He's kept the training varied so I would never know what to expect from a session and most importantly he's kept encouraging me and made training with him fun.  As someone who had never lifted weights before we started out on light weights to build up some initial strength before progressing onto heavier weights and having lots of fun with kettlebells - which really shakes weight training up! 

When, in December, I decided to enter the Reading Half Marathon, which was only three months away, he drew up a training program for me to build me up from someone who could barely run at all to someone who has run 13.1 miles!  All through my training for the half marathon James has been instrunmental at keeping me motivated and encouraging me when my legs have wanted to pack up!  He also mixed up my runs with interval training to improve my recovery times, which really helped a lot on the day, as I ran much quicker than I was expecting and finished the run in just over 2 hours!

 Since meeting James a year ago I've gone from being an inactive couch potato to someone who is not only fitter, stronger and overall healthier, but also someone who has been able to run a half marathon - and this has all been down to the expert instruction and constant encouragement of James."


DediPower in Reading wrote:

I was looking for a lunchtime class that I could put on for our employees and on speaking to them they were keen to get fit but the thought of running on a treadmill wasn’t appealing.  I then came across Kettlebell training with James, it’s great to get out and do something different, no excuses, we all look forward to going.  I personally have noticed a difference in my strength and look forward to our next course.  It’s great to see people excited about getting fit and we benefit as a company as we have a fitter and healthier workforce!

Natalie and Team

Ian Wiltshire from Tilehurst wrote:

Having been told by my doctor my blood sugar level was over 18 and a normal reading should have been below 6 and weighing over 23 stone and approaching 43 years of age. I was concerned about my health both now and in the future and I was worried I may not make it to age 60.