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Read what people who have attended a Boot camp have to say!

Geoff from Essex (attended Readig Boot Camps) wrote:

Deb from Reading's Fitness Boot Camp wrote:

Hi James and Jamie
Thanks for a really brilliant 6 weeks.  I especially liked that no two sessions were the same and it's brilliant to meet loads of new people too.
My main goal was to get my core strength back after years of running and nothing else.  What I didn't expect was the impact on my runs when not at boot camp I am quicker over short distances than I have ever been in my life (and at 46 I think that's really something).  I certainly thought my days of training 6 days a week were over and can't believe I've also lost 9 cms off my waist.
Anyway, enough of the accolades,  thanks to you both  and see you soon; I have high expectations now!
Best wishes

Simon from Tilehurst wrote about Reading Boot Camp:

I've just completed a full year of back to back bootcamps with Progressive fitness and I can honestly say it has been a really fun and enjoyable year! As someone who finds it really hard to stick to any fitness regime for any length of time i found Progressive fitness to be the perfect solution.
I’m someone who gets bored quite easily but because each session is a little bit different i always find it fun and engaging, I think what I enjoy the most about the sessions is they are outside in the fresh air, the sessions are run extremely well and the other members are really friendly.
A number of people have been training week in, week out since it started and that in itself speaks volumes for James who runs the sessions.
It doesn’t matter what age you are or what level of fitness you are at because James caters for all ages and abilities and will often split the groups into 2 depending on ability – there is never any pressure to do more than you can do but naturally you will be encouraged to push yourself that little bit more when you can.
I really look forward to my monday and wednesday sessions at bootcamp and i think the same applies to alot of others who attend as it really has become part of our weekly routine and after a day spent in the office there is no better medicine than the hour spent in Prospect Park ( even when it is raining!)
As the name suggests you really will get progressively fitter with Progressive Fitness but most importantly you will actually enjoy it which is a miracle in itself :)
Come and join Readings Best Bootcamp!
Big thanks to James for the past 12 months!
Simon – Reading

Paul from Tilehurst and Boot Camp Reading wrote:

I joined Readings boot camp in the summer of 2011. Having 6 months earlier had an operation to repair a ruptured ACL and torn MCL and having piled on the pounds I was in a pretty sorry state. I couldnt run 400mtrs without stopping. Within 6 weeks i could run a mile without stopping and had more than doubled the amount of excercises I could do. Within 6 months I lost 3 stone, run a half marathon without stopping. Nearly 2 years on the weight has stayed off, I am fitter than I have ever been and also healthier. James has helped me to lead a healthier lifestyle by changing how I excercise and also how I eat and rest. The bootcamps sessions are varied the training is hard but at no point does it start to feel like work rather than fun! I'd reccomend everyone try it!

Rebekah from Boot Camp Bracknell wrote:

Just to let you know before I joined boot camp I hated outdoor running, running in general & was not a big fan of exercising if I’m honest haha, but since doing your Boot Camp I have really started to enjoy exercising and pushing myself & its nice knowing I’m not as unfit as I originally thought (room for improvement tho) :-)

The bonus from this is that over the 6 weeks I have also lost a Stone! So very happy with the results all round!

So thank you for running such a brilliant boot camp and I will definitely be signing up to the next one :-)


Paul from Camberley, who attended Boot Camp Bracknell wrote:

If you saw and advert saying ''Lose 28lbs in 6 weeks"… you may be dismiss it as yet another fad diet plan…. but this is exactly what happen to me in the six weeks at boot camp. This is no miracle cure though, I like that fact that every session has you guessing as to whats coming next, sprints/hill runs/bodyweight exercises/circuits… you name it; it was thrown at us. Couple this with the dietary advice and you certainly have a receipt for getting fit and shedding those extra pounds.

I'd just like to say thanks, its really made a world of difference to the way I feel about myself, and obviously look forward to seeing you on the next Boot Camp :)


Craig Lennon from Boot Camp Reading wrote:

"I would personnally like to thank James and Jamie for the excellent hard work and encouragement they gave me through the boot camp.  Due to work commitments and moving away I only managed to complete 4 of the 6 weeks.  At times it was hard and I thought by body was going to give up, but James and Jamie through constant encouragement and professionalism kept me going.  The exercises and routines changed every session so you never get bored and even on the coldest of nights you are kept moving and dont feel it.  As with everything in life this is a results based business so here is mine.  I joined to lose weight, (proper couch potato) and in the four weeks as well as following the nutritional information have lost approximately 10lbs.  Not only this I have lost inches nearly everywhere as the muscles grow and the fat reduces.  Thanks again gents it has been a pleasure."


Extreme Boot Camp in Reading Member wrote: Hi James and Jamie 

Further to my post on the group site, I've finally remembered to send you my results.

I only took measurements of my waist and hips and can report that I lost almost 2 inches from my waist (I had to take this measurement several times, as I couldn't quite believe it!!) and 1 inch from my hips. I don't think I lost any weight (for which I am receiving counselling from Jamie lol) - maybe 1 or 2 pounds, but my scales aren't very accurate and Jamie won't let me back on his just yet!!

Thanks again for the week - it was great fun (possibly wouldn't have said the same after the Tuesday evening session!) - but I know we all felt a great sense of achievement.

Definitely up for another one - especially after my holiday in France (yes of course I will be taking my new Sweat Shop trainers and running kit!)

Kind regards



Tanya from Calcot, Reading wrote:

"" Fantastic company I cant say enough good words about James and his team and how much bootcamp has changed my life. After using a gym for the last 13 years and never seeing much results i tried bootcamp and was hooked i have seen more changes in my body and mind since starting bootcamp less than a year ago compared to all those years slaving away in a boring gym on my own! Ive now cancelled the gym membership and will always go back to bootcamp and progressive fitness wooo xx ♥


Debbie from Tilehurst wrote:

My daughter persuaded me to join boot camp after joining herself to get back into shape after having a baby, so I thought what the heck lets give it a go. I had been pretty fit and energetic for my age but following an operation which put me out of action for quite a while I needed some serious motivation to get going again and rebuild my fitness level.  I was dubious about whether it would all be too tough for me but was so pleased to see such a diverse group of people taking part of all ages, sizes and abilities and am amazed at how well the sessions work to accommodate everyone’s individual needs.  Every week is something different so no time to get bored with the same old routine, and even on the cold winter nights when it might seem madness to be out training in the park (or so my friends tell me) it is so uplifting and I come home feeling a million times better than I would have slumped in front of the telly!   I also like that we do a fitness test at the beginning and end of each set of sessions so you can really measure the improvements you have made.  James and the other instructors work us hard and encourage us to push ourselves but in a fun light hearted way and I really look forward to going.  I am well and truly hooked – better than anything else I have ever done in my endeavors to keep healthy and fit! Debbie V - Tilehurst Simon and Justina from Reading Boot Camp wrote:

James,   I mentioned to Matt last night but didnt get chance to thank you personally for your efforts. I have to say how much we have both enjoyed BC and much appreciate the hard work you both put into the workouts. We have both seen massive improvements in our well being as much as are fitness so thank you and of course we  look forward to seeing you both a week on Monday.   Simon and Justina Taylor


Caroline Boot Camp in Reading, June 2010 wrote:

I have achieved more in 6 weeks of boot camp than from 2 years of going to a gym. The combination of being in the open air, a group of people with widely ranging fitness levels, and instructors who manage to both encourage and push us to complete the varied range of exercises (just when you think you can't do any more an instructor will appear beside you and will motivate you to keep going) works brilliantly. I have lost 9lbs but better than that I have found a way to enjoy keeping fit - so much so that I've just signed up for the next 6 weeks.


Hannah from Tilehurst, Berkshire wrote

"I joined boot camp as a last push to loose some stubborn weight but I was skeptical as I was running three times a week and thought that I was quite fit to start with. It was a total shock to find that I wasn't as fit as I thought I was! The sessions were really enjoyable, there was a different focus to each one. I found that I was working so much harder than I ever had at the gym or on my runs. I think there is something about training with a group of others that makes you competitive and push yourself much harder.

We all got a long really well and I really looked forward to going.

James is an excellent instructor and made the sessions entertaining as well as encouraging us to push ourselves.

I was amazed at the end when I had lost 2% body fat, doubled the amount of sit ups I could do and trebled the amount of press ups!

A brilliant way to exercise, I have already signed up for the next one!"

H. Guster.


Amanda from Basingstoke, Hampshire wrote:

"I attended the first 6 week course of Boot Camp attending 3 times a week. I was very nervous to begin with as I'd set myself very high goals to achieve. The course is all out in the open space and I found it so much better than a gym environment.

The exercises were tough, but eventually through the course I managed to keep up and improve on my own personal fitness levels.

I would thoroughly recommend Boot Camp as it was very different from conventional hall based courses and extremely good fun.

I achieved good results at the end of my six weeks course and I am looking forward to joining up again in the new year."

A Devine.


Antony form Newbury, Berkshire wrote:

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Boot camp, but it turned out to be a fun way to get fit and get to know some new people all with different levels of fitness. The best part of it is you can take it as seriously as you want, so if you want to really push yourself the option is there or if you just want to meet new people and do a light bit of exercise you can do that too.

Overall I feel that it was a brilliant experience which has changed my outlook on doing exercise and has set me on the path to a healthier lifestyle."



Peter from Tilehurst, Berkshire wrote:

Having been to the gym for many years and doing my own fitness training outdoors,  the results after 6 weeks are clearly not as good as doing 6 weeks of boot camp.

Boot camp helps a lot with motivation and pushing yourself a lot harder than you would normally do alone in a gym or on the road. After 6 weeks of boot camp it has helped me to reduce my body fat down by 2%, and increase my fitness level by 2 whole levels on the bleep test. As you're doing the fitness training you are also aware and conscious of what you eat. I found it very difficult at first, but after a week or 2 it became a lot easier as I became 'progressively fitter'.

Another plus are the social aspects. Having people and a good instructor always helps with encouragement and motivation.  it also makes you want to attend to every session. I'm planning on doing the next boot camp in April so hope to see you there. "

P. Niisato 


Vicki from Reading wrote:

"James thanks very much for past few months it has been successful from personal point of view and I look forward to starting again in January!  I ran a 10k charity run on sunday in 1hr 15mins and  never thought I'd be able to do anything like that but boot camp has given me the drive and confidence to push myself so thank you!!"   See you soon!


I just wanted to write this appraisal of the Progressive Fitness Boot camp I have just completed. Finding myself having to work away from home in the Reading area I decided to search the Internet for a gym. By chance I came across the Progressive Fitness Boot Camp at Prospect Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Already signed up at Reading Jogger’s for their Tuesday and Thursday session I thought I would give it go.  
I have to report that the results have been marvellous. I have lost weight, changed my body shape and feel much fitter. I have had to make two more holes to my belt and my running has improved beyond belief.  The enthusiastic training given by the coaches James and Jamie has been excellent. Also provided are nutrition plans and advice, I am convinced this has made a massive difference. 
I have now caught the bug and finding myself having to return back to my home in Essex earlier than expected. I shall be looking for similar training there, gyms are no longer for me! 
I would say to anyone who wants to get fit and lose some weight, whatever your size check out Progressive Fitness. There is great team training there at the moment that will push you on and before long I guarantee you shall experience the change. You will fitter and healthier. 
Thanks James and Jamie for great six weeks.