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Personal Training Services

1-2-1 Personal Training:

This is the most common and most effective way to train.  You have your trainer’s full attention, which is why it is incredibly effective, and results are almost guaranteed.  Your sessions are based on your individual goals, which are continually assessed.  For most people the optimum sessions to have per week would be 3 with some added homework.  Although this not always possible 1 session per week is still very beneficial, providing you follow your programme for the rest of the week.  Nutrition will also be a mssive part of what your trainer will help you with.  As with your training, your nutritional needs will be individual to you.  Sessions can last anything up to an hour depending on the type of training that you do.  At the end of training on each session your trainer will give you a "look ahead" for the week to come and advise you on what to do and help with any nutritional needs you have.

Small Group Training:

This is a good way to train if budget is a factor as you can spread the cost of the session between your group.  Also a little friendly competition can be a great way to get a bit of extra motivation. You will get all the same services as with 1-2-1 training.

Personal Programme:

With a Personal Programme you will have a plan that is tailored to suit your individual goals.  You will be given a week-by-week schedule to follow and record your own results.  You will have your programme re-assessed every 4 weeks to make sure you are on track.  As each individual plan will vary please contact us directly for further information.


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