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Personal Training

Is it for YOU?

If you want to achieve your optimum health and fitness then the answer is definitely YES!

Maybe you just want to lose a few extra pounds or perhaps you are training for specific sport or event, whatever your training goal we can help you achieve it in the quickest and safest way possible.

Our personal training sessions are exactly that "Personal".  This means that you will receive a programme that is specific to your goals, needs and circumstances.  This is achieved right from the start at the initial consultation.  We will conduct various health and fitness assessments after which your programme will be tailored to you

We have trained literally hundreds of people of the over years and have had some amazing achievements from our clients. Not just weight loss and fitness goals but clients literally changing their lives. That may seem a strong statement but if someone comes to us with high blood pressure, border line diabetes, severe obesity, other chronic conditions and we can help guide them to reverses their symptoms, then we have changed their lives! Read some of the testimonials from our clients by CLICKING HERE.

We believe that nutrition is as much important as the training itself. In fact we go as far to say that nutrition will responsible for 70% of your results. Without good nutrition you can forget about achieving body transformations, felling great, having high energy levels and performing to your peak abilities. You may get away with it initially but you will soon find that good, clean eating is the key to your success. That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on helping you with a food plan to go hand in hand with the training you do with us.

At Progressive Fitness we want you to get the maximum benefit from your training.  Our training will never get boring as your workouts will be varied and challenging.  We always vary your workouts according to your overall goals, and use different training methods to keep you stimulated.  One day you may use Kettlebells the next suspended body weight trainer or simply go for a run! 

We currently have two options for personal training you.  You can either have a mobile trainer who will train you wherever is convenient to you, this can be home, gym, work place or a local park.  If you want to train in a gym then we have a purpose built facility in Tilehurst called the Progressive Fitness Unit.  CLICK HERE FOR THE UNIT.


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Above is James showing some kettlebell exercises. 
Experience Kettelbells for yourself, click here and book a session with James now! 

James and any other trainer used are fully qualified and experienced in their fields of work, have public liability insurance, asic first aid qualifications and current CRB certificates.


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