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Boot Camp Fitness in Reading, Caversham, and Bracknell.

Progressive Fitness has been running fitness Boot Camps in Reading for over 10 years!!  We are the first and original Boot Camp Fitness company in Reading.  We started at Prospect Park in tilehurst which grew in popularity with each and every Boot Camp due to the massive improvements our clients see in their health and fitness.  A lot of our clients have been coming since the start and have ditched any idea of ever joining a conventional gym again.  So because they come back time and time again it keeps us on our toes to always change and shake up the workouts and sessions so you never get bored....rain or shine!!!  To see what some of our clients say about Boot Camp in Reading just CLICK HERE

6 week fitness and weight loss Boot Camp in Reading

Leigh from Reading wrote:

"I'm gutted I can not make it tonight but wanted to say a massive thank you to both James and Jamie for all the motivation and support. I was 16 stone 4 lbs on the 22nd of October and today I weighed myself at 13 Stone 10 lbs. so Iv lost 3 Stone 5 lbs, roughly 20% of my over all body weight in 9 weeks. In this photo the left one was taken a week before I started Dieting and Exercising and the one on the right was taken on Sunday!"

If losing weight, toning up, improving your health and fitness is one of your goals then Boot Camp is for YOU!  You can expect an increase in strength, endurance, cardio fitness and and improved body composition if you stick to Boot Camp and follow our nutritional guide lines.  What's more you will feel good about yourself, meet new people and achieve all of this whilst having fun.

In the past we have measured body fat loss over a 6 week period.  The average drop was by 3% and the maximum was 7%.  The latter being 20% of someones total body fat!

 Boot Camp Fitness in Reading Berkshire

 Bootcamp in Caversham


Boot Camp is a fitness programme specifically designed for men and women of all fitness levels. The Monday and Wednesday sessions take place outside in Prospect park in Reading, where you don’t have to put up with waiting for gym equipment. Also unlike a conventional gym where you can wander around aimlessly not putting in a great deal of effort, at Boot Camp you will be under excellent instruction the whole time.  If you take our 3 night option then your third session on a Friday at 1800 will be at our indoor facility, The UNIT.

Reading Boot Camp is structured to cater for everyone’s fitness levels and we are experts in keeping our sessions inclusive to all.  We do this by progressing and regressing any exercise to meet individuals at their current level. You will be encouraged to push yourself beyond your normal point of failure and you will reach goals that far exceed you expectations.

Boot Camp is a commitment for 4 weeks at a time on a rolling monthly membership which can be set up via easy phone app.  There are two options for membership. 

OPTION 1 -  2 nights on Monday and Wednesday 1900

OPTION 2 - 3 nights on Monday, Wendesday 1900 Prospect Park and Friday 1800 at The Unit


Before anything happens you will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) so that we are sure you are able to carry out an exercise programme. If you have any doubts about your health or whether you are medically fit to exercise, we suggest you consult your GP for advice.

  • Fitness testing every 8 weeks to keep you on track with your goals
  • Access to Face Book community forum for support/advice/encourgement
  • Help with nutrition via email and Face Book plus our 14 day fat loss plan
  • 2-3 varied sessions per week (never the same)
  • options to add other sessions at our Unit
  • Be part of a really supportive community of fitness enthusiasts of all levels
  • Expert trainers ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile for you

Each session will be challenging and you will cover all elements of fitness across the week. You can expect to do CV, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, speed and power exercises. 

The types of exercises you will do will vary, a lot will be body weight exercises with some running/jogging others we will bring some equipment like power bags, kettle bells, boxing equipment, sandbags and we will also use what is available around the park i.e benches , fences and of cou/rse hills!


All you need to to to join is go to the membership section below, register your details and then select the membership you want.

2 day per week £49
3 day per week £67
28 day Boot camp Package £49 (one off)

You can also download our app to manage your memberships:

Google play CLICK HERE

If you are a sports team or a company and like the sound of our Boot Camps and would like a similar experience, please get in touch as we can accommodate to suit your needs.



Here is another testimonial from one of female clients:

Boot Camp in Reading weight loss results

To the left is Debbie, then below in April 
just 6 weeks later.  To see her story and
some even more amazing pics since then

Boot Camp Fitness in Prospect Park Reading